They say smoking is injurious to health but we at Trendzhelm , believe that plagiarism is injurious to health. It is injurious for your mind and for the creativity that thrives in you. Hence, we display a crystal clear and definite stance on this subject. No Plagiarism Permitted!

Just think for a second what possible benefit would it bring you by copying others work? Yes, it might earn you reward or recognition for some time but let us tell you it will prove short lived. Deep down you will know that this laud you are receiving doesn’t belong to you.

We do realize that at certain points we need to use others work to corroborate our subject or to make more convincing approach towards particular methods. In such times FreeTechTutors has devised some rules and policies that should be followed to avoid any discrepancies.

Seek Permission:

Before taking any content from our website you are strongly advised to seek formal permission by sending in request. Upon receiving the consent you can take the content but here again do not copy paste the entire content. Only 5-6 sentences are allowed to be taken.

Give Credit:

If have to copy the content you must give proper credit to the author who wrote i.e. the name, publication year, and publishing site of the content. Although, it is highly recommended that you use our name “Trendhelm” as reference for the purpose. Giving due credit clearly shows that you respect other authors. You admire their hard work. The protection of their work from getting copied means the same to you as duplication of your work means to you.

Image Linking:

We appreciate our uniqueness and originality. Do not by any means try to disgrace it. Quality means everything to us. Hot linking our images is strictly prohibited. If you want any image for your article just send it to permalink and it will sort the best available way of getting you your desired piece of picture.

Legal Action Will Be Taken If Found Plagiarism

Recently, our attention has been caught by this matter that our content is being illegally produced on other websites. No credit has been given to genuine authors and duplication is on full swing. Consider this is final warning because from now we intend to take legal action against such heinous crime.

It is to be duly noted that even DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) has categorized plagiarism as serious crime and court room doors are open for such disputes now. Hence, we are preparing to file proper complaint with worthy advertising partners Google Adense and DMCA Department of web hosting company.

Contact us:

If you have any sort of inquiry regarding this subject you can via our contact us form or email at

Coming up with original ideas, work and giving due credit to authors is the main key to success in writing field. Don’t embarrass your conscience with duplicating other’s content. Be true to yourself and to the society. Say No To Plagiarism!


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